Just Sayin’…Pittsburgh School District should rescue Wilkinsburg students


Recently the Wilkinsburg School District went begging to other school districts to take their 200 plus students but there were no takers, including the Pittsburgh Public Schools. Why?
This is the same predicament that Braddock schools were in years ago, and Duquesne schools recently. No one wanted them. Why?
The Pittsburgh Public School District has a State of the Art school with a capacity of 1200 students with only around 300 students attending right around the corner. Why not accept the Wilkinsburg students, and Wilkinsburg money? It would help both school districts. It would pump more money into the public schools while helping fill the vacant classrooms. And it would definitely help those Black kids in Wilkinsburg get a better education. Aren’t we about helping each other as Black people?
That State of the Art school is Westinghouse in Homewood. Homewood is right next to Wilkinsburg, within walking distance.


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