Georgia woman charged with murder for terminating pregnancy with pills


ALBANY, Ga. – A young woman has been charged with murder after ingesting pills she bought online from another country to terminate her pregnancy.
Kenlissia Jones, 23, admitted a hospital social worker she took four pills she purchased from Canada to abort her baby after her boyfriend broke up with her.
After ingesting the pills, the woman began to have severe stomach pains. While she was being driven to the hospital, she delivered the premature baby, which did not survive.
The hospital estimated that Jones was more than five months into her pregnancy.
After sharing with the social worker that what she did, the social worker notified authorities. Georgia law prohibits prosecuting women for feticide involving their own pregnancies.
“I’m thinking that perhaps whoever made the arrest may not have known what the laws really are,” said Genevieve Wilson, a director of the anti-abortion group Georgia Right to Life, told the AJC.
A Georgia appeals court ruled in 1998 that a teenager whose fetus was stillborn after she shot herself in the abdomen could not be prosecuted for performing an illegal abortion.

Jones’ grandmother came to her defense, saying that prosecutors should recommend counseling instead of jail time.

Photo: Dougherty County Jail

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