Georgia to stop making Confederate license plates

confederate license
ATLANTA — A senior Georgia state official has proclaimed the state shall cease making license plates that are decorated with the two Confederate battle flag.
Department of Revenue commissioner Lynne Riley, responding to the overwhelming momentum reverberating across the country against the Confederate Flag, has ordered that the plate be redesigned.
The Sons of Confederate Veterans plate was initially created by state law. However, The Department of Revenue commissioners have the final say on such matters.
Earlier in the week, Georgia Gov. Nathan Deal announced from the Gold Dome in Atlanta a redesign request, but also said he that he would not use the weight of his office to force a change.
The cultural current is surging forward to remove the Confederate Flag from state houses in the South since nine black members of the Emmanuel AME Church in Charleston, S.C., church fatally shot by deranged psychopath Dylann Roof. Major multinational retailers such as Walmart have already announced they will no longer sell Confederate Flags in their stores.

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