The Confederate Flag was never ‘misappropriated’


(NNPA)—The other night I listened to a South Carolina state legislator announce his support for pulling down the Confederate battle flag (of the Army of Northern Virginia) from the South Carolina statehouse. In the course of his quite interesting comments, he argued that the Confederate flag had been misappropriated by hate-groups. MSNBC talk-show host Chris Hayes politely asked him how it was possible to misappropriate a symbol that was born in hate. The South Carolina legislator chose that moment to do a tap dance.
There has been a good deal of discussion of the Confederate flag, discussion that has been reaching a badly needed crescendo. The public is getting a better understanding of the history of the flag and some history of the Confederate States of America. Yet, there is one thing that has avoided any discussion. The Confederate flag is the flag of traitors. The Confederate States of America was formed in open opposition to the Constitution of the United States. It was treason.  Nevertheless, there are White people around the U.S. who seem to see no contradiction between flying both the flag of the U.S.A. and the C.S.A.  How can we understand this?

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