Concert Review: Where art thou, Wiz?

Photo by Merecedes J. Howze

The Fourth of July weekend was properly kicked off with a stop from the Boys of Zummer Tour at First Niagara Pavilion.  Hoodie Allen, Fall Out Boy, and Pittsburgh’s own Wiz Khalifa put on a show to an almost sold-out house.
Wiz Khalifa’s July 2nd performance officially made me a fan.  In the past, I tolerated the hits like “Roll Up” and “Black and Yellow”.  But, seeing Wiz live again made me appreciate his music that I have so vigorously been taking advantage of.
From the inflatable blunts to Wiz’s surprise lawn performance, the show was very energetic.  Most of the crowd, who seemed to be on a controlled substance (that I won’t name), was fully active and engaged.
Not too many of “us” were there, but that was to be expected with Fall Out Boy as the co-headliner.
Photo by Merecedes J. Howze

The most pivotal moment came towards the end when Wiz sang his #1 hit from the “Furious 7” soundtrack, “See You Again”.  The audience sang Charlie Puth‘s part and I watched those around me wallow up with tears.  The single, which has spent five consecutive weeks at #1 on the Billboard Hot 100 list, clearly still has a profound effect on people since its March release.
Wiz’s set ended with a bursts of red confetti as family and friends watched from the right side of the stage.  When he exited the stage, he embraced a small toddler—not Sebastian, but one of dozens of familiar faces that greeted him once the show was over.
I only have one question: Where art thou, Wiz?  An astonishingly great show does not negate my claim that the 27-year-old rapper has a weird, dark cloud over him.  It was like he was on stage, but he wasn’t.
Photo by Merecedes J. Howze

And if I’m going strictly off of his recent Instagram posts, @mistercap seems bothered.  There are currently over 40 photos of what looks like the same fitted white jeans.  It’s overkill.  His recent social media behavior has been nothing less than strange.
His team from 42West declined an interview.  I guess I should not be too concerned.  Social media doesn’t define who you are.  Right?
To be completely honest, I did not stay for Fall Out Boys’ performance.  This confession does not mean I do not enjoy their music, but only confirms my abrupt fatigue.  I danced so hard from Wiz, got a migraine, waited 20 minutes in the restrooms’ line and decided it was time to call it a night.
When I think about that 30-mile drive, during rush hour, it makes the concert experience that much more of a tedious task.  Formerly the Star Lake Amphitheater, First Niagara Pavilion is a beautiful, amusing venue.  I just wish it was closer.
Merecedes J. Howze, Movie Scene Queen (Brian Cook/Golden Sky Media)
Merecedes J. Howze, Movie Scene Queen (Brian Cook/Golden Sky Media)


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