Jada Pinkett Smith joins CNN for sex trafficking special report

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ATLANTA — The reprehensible sex trafficking trade in the city of Atlanta and the state of Georgia is among the very highest in the nation and is extremely prominent across the entire country. Jada Pinkett Smith, a member of an acting dynasty in America that includes husband Will Smith, was horrified when her daughter asked about the crimes and researched the exorbitantly high number of underage children being sold for sex.

Renowned celebrity activist and beloved actress appears for a CNN Special Report. Pinkett Smith travels to Atlanta – a trafficking hotspot — to try and unravel the complicated web of human trafficking that’s happening right here in the United States.

The hour-long special report is a gritty, raw look at the human trafficking industry in the United States,the lives of children caught in its web, and those fighting back against this form of modern-day slavery. Children for Sale: The Fight to End Human Trafficking airs Tuesday, July 21 at 9 pm ET/PT on CNN, CNN International and via CNN go<https://cp.mcafee.com/d/1jWVIi6h8edEIcKf6zBB5xMTsSOYYYCMUMrpuuujvhodILff9Iee6QrLTuud79EVKMrDgD6GR2sE-2E_FYVa_hnQ9rOVKfWveiLQlZ2mYKrd7a3Hb-LLZvDHK6zB5DHTbEILnV5YQsTjsLR4kRHFGTsoVkffGhBrwqrodETdTVcsCej79zANNKVI06TjHgxO-4qUiFefWGtq496RECq79KczHCzCPPKDmx0KKGT2lJDaIa0Grsov7BPr329EV76MnVClfgid40A30oq81221Ew0zkdd40mB0HYVCy0olBcCq808Ha1Ew5WNJZ3h0bRyq810Qg32TSBFVEw1vHlzcQg1y1Ew6f3Ph02oWWXaNmk29Ew3o6y04A_d40j63pEV76QxBG>.

In this powerful report, Pinkett Smith and CNN delve deep into the heart of this heinous crime, following undercover officers on raids and rescues of underage victims, accompanying aid workers on outreach missions, and spending time with the survivors in shelters as they share their harrowing stories. “For me, this project is extremely important because I want the world to understand the dangers that every kid in America is susceptible to,” Pinkett Smith says. “Human trafficking is one aspect of the vulnerabilities and obstacles that we are confronted with. People who sell children are monsters.”

Sex trafficking hit Pinkett Smith head-on when her then pre-teen daughter asked her about the crime in the United States. In disbelief, Pinkett Smith began to research and is now a vocal activist and advocate. Where does sex trafficking start? How do girls get manipulated into it? How hard is it for law enforcement and others to savethem? And how can communities help protect children from the men and women who preyon their vulnerabilities?

To get answers, Pinkett Smith sits down with survivors who courageously share theirhorrifying stories of exploitation and the triumph of their survival. Pinkett Smithand CNN follow Sergeant Torrey Kennedy, head of the Internet Crimes Against ChildrenDivision, as he conducts undercover raids to arrest suspected traffickers and rescueunderage girls.  Lisa Williams, founder of a safe house and rehabilitation facilityfor trafficked teens, is featured as Williams counsels the exploited teenhighlighted in this special report. And Pinkett Smith comes face-to-face with aconvicted female trafficker. Viewers will also hear from aid workers and prosecutorswho are working to eradicate this crime. The CNN Special Report Children for Sale: The Fight to End Human Trafficking wasexecutive produced by Jennifer Hyde, the Director of the CNN Documentary Unit,produced by Senior Producer Ken Shiffman, Producer Tina Matherson, Executive Editorof the CNN FreedomProject<https://cp.mcafee.com/d/1jWVIe6hEq3zqb3bzNEVphosdTdILff9Iec6SnDDATQm3rbPPOr3zxJ6XZTDzhOqerI6VQ9NGJgDafwGfWveiLQlZ2mYKrz-DPAHZ5vgBLbCPhOwWO_HX_nVWXxEVhpWZOWbbR-hvd7dQTbZh5dqWqJT6el3PWApmU6CTPqdPt-j79zANOoVcsrKr01mx3BYEJZFqvj35oDEoX7_gGGnmzkh-QPqQjd3AT6hRPhPpVTjHgwnnlrxaSPBm50ldKcfzOVJxx4QszzobYPaDE96y0i1wcd40x10Qg0hG6Cy0biwl-sPh0caOCjd404lB0Qg2ZoS-xEw5WNd40wq81xrXiQYQg0LRGNCq80N0Qg37xVEw1ctttBoHa14Qg1I3h02ivCy09z1IQszzolXdTkKZ>Leif Coorlim, and overseen by Michael Bass, CNN’s Executive Vice President forProgramming.


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