Funniest Tiger Woods memes on horrid golf performance at British Open


The descent by which former golf megastar Tiger Woods has sunk from the summit of his sport has been as cataclysmic as it has been spectacular. And tragic.

It actually causes eye pain to watch Woods play golf anymore, wailing away like an injured fish and attracting a feeding frenzy of hungrier, better golfers to consume him in every major golf tournament.

Break Jack Nicklaus’ record of 18 majors??? Heck, he might not win another major? In fact, he looks like he can’t win another tournament.


Even the most loyal Woods disciples are flummoxed and flustered and emotionally fatigued by his precipitous fall from the pinnacle, where he was once a feared greens predator who left his opponents blood dripping all over the course, to now a being merely caricature of himself.

Social media has also discerned his descent and has duly noted such via innovative memes. Take a look at the best Tiger Woods’ memes inventorying his abrupt and brutal fall from all-time greatness.

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