The Game slams Amber Rose for defending woman suing him for sexual assault


The Game unloaded on socialite Amber Rose after she came to the immediate defense of a woman who is suing the rapper for $10 million for allegedly sexually assaulting her during the filming of the Vh1 reality show “She Got Game.”

Priscilla Rainey, one of the contestants on the show, claims that The Game “touched her bare vagina and buttocks” during a break in the filming of the show. priscilla rainey

Rose, who is ironically organizing her “slut walk” for this fall, took umbrage at a Baller Alert article outing Rainey for her multiple infractions of the law. Rainey has been arrested at least a dozen times, the article states, for petty theft, assault with a deadly weapon, criminal mischief and more.

Also, the article noted that Rainey continued filming the show even after she was allegedly assaulted by The Game, hurting her credibility as a victim of assault.

Rose snapped at Baller Alert’s insinuations about Rainey and said the publication is blaming the victim:

“This is why rape victims and women that get sexually assaulted sit in silence. If he did it then he did it, if she’s lying God will handle that…,” said Amber.


The Game, the often volatile Molotov Cocktail of a human being, immediate spit fire back at Rose for defending what he calls an extremely “thirsty” and opportunistic woman looking to come up financially at his expense. Take a look:

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