GOP front-runner Donald Trump barred from conservative forum in Atlanta


ATLANTA — Despite leading the polls in the race for the Republican presidential candidacy by a very wide margin, business baron Donald Trump has been uninvited to the conservative convention called RedState Gathering taking place in Atlanta.

Yes, the always bombastic and controversial Trump finds himself embroiled in yet another controversy because, as usual, an inflammatory statement he made about someone, this time regarding a female reporter after the first GOP debates in Cleveland.

RedState’s editor Erick Erickson said he revoked Erick Erickson his invitation to Trump to appear at RedState Gathering after the brash and blunt billionaire made what many believe were sexist comments about Fox News’ Megyn Kelly when she questioned him about his alleged history of sexism towards women during the debate.

“You could see there was blood coming out of her eyes–blood coming out of her wherever,” Trump said in an interview with CNN.

Erickson said Trump crossed the demarcation of decency in that statement to CNN and, since he refused to apologize to Kelly, will not have a place at the event with the other Republican candidates.


“I have rescinded my invitation to Donald Trump,” Erickson stated in a tweet. “While I have tried to give him great latitude, his remark about Megyn Kelly was a bridge too far.”

Trump, in keeping with his modus operandi, was as defiant as ever, claiming that he meant that blood was coming out of her nose — and not suggesting that Kelly was on her menstrual cycle. Nevertheless, Trump was cleared enraged by the Kelly’s accusation that he is a sexist and took subsequent personal shots at the Fox News host during that CNN interview following the debate.

Ironically, Erickson turned around and invited Kelly to appear at the convention Saturday night.

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