Funniest RG III memes after getting pounded in Redskins pre-season NFL game

Robert Griffin III was under seige in his limited action on Thursday’s NFL preseason game agains the Detroit Lions. In his eight drop back passes, RG III was hit hard six times.
The would-be franchise quarterback out of Baylor, where he won the Heisman Trophy and then won rookie of the year three years ago as a rookie for the Redskins, completed only 2-of-5 passes on Thursday night for eight yards and was sacked three times.
He was so beaten, battered and bewildered in the first quarter that he fumbled the ball without anyone touching him. In the ensuing pileup and melee, RG III apparently suffered a concussion, a stinger and slight shoulder injury.
The ever-injured quarterback was injured again and his on-field play was atrocious.
Thsi, of course, inspired a number of funny memes and tweets on social media following the game and on into Friday morning. Take a look at some of the funniest RG III memes.



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