French Montana fires shots in 50 Cent And Puff Daddy’s vodka war

French-Montana-50-Cent-Effen-Vodka-640x448Last week, Puff Daddy and 50 Cent’s war of words over their competing vodka brands took a funny turn when the Bad Boy mogul appeared on The Breakfast Club morning show. After 50 gifted Puff with a case of Effen vodka, a round of friendly banter about Fif’s “little company” ensued. And now it seems French Montana has entered the ring. In a video taken on Saturday (Apr. 22) by DJ Spinking, French gave his sarcastic thoughts in 50 Cent’s liquor.
“Shoutout to Effen vodka. That s**t kind of watered down, but I love it,” he said, to which 50 replied, “French Montana is down with us it’s the unit.#EFFENVODKA #FRIGO#SMSAUDIO puffy tried to set him up,where his check at? The real money puff we street not stupid.”

To make himself clear, French Montana posted a follow-up video on Instagram of himself throwing a case of Effen vodka in the trash. “This what I feel about your bullshit effen vodka @50cent lol This what happened after they took that clip just incase spin king ain’t till you #thankmelater #cirocboys #lastnight#yousellinbullshit #nolovelost,” he wrote beneath the public display of disrespect.
Catching wind of the clip, 50 Cent offered his reply, throwing a jab at French Montana’s relationship with Puff

We could make this all up if we tried. Guess it’s your move now, Puff.


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