Metro Atlanta mother suing school district after being arrested for giving opinion

Cobb County Sheriffs Department
Cobb County Sheriffs Department

COBB COUNTY, Ga. – Cynthia Yates said she was just giving her opinion on the lack of organization of a Cobb County school event when she was, in her opinion, wrongfully arrested and now she is suing the school district.


Yates said she became frustrated with the long lines at a ninth-grade advisement night at Harrison High School in February and decided to leave, but not before she expressed her sharp criticisms of the event.

“The person checking me out said, ‘No, you have to go to all of the tables.’ I said, ‘No, I’ve had enough. Whoever organized this needs to be shot in the head, what were they thinking?’ I continued to give my feelings and she interjects, ‘I did (plan the event),’” Yates said, according to WSB.


Yates took her daughter home, but “one week later, I get a knock on the door,” Yates said.

Police arrested Yates for disruption of public schools.

The warrant read: “Mr. Cynthia Yates was visibly upset and started yelling at teachers and Counselors, and when they tried to explain she would interrupt and keep yelling.”

It also stated that Yates mentioned someone being shot.

The charges have now been dropped, but now Yates is filing a federal lawsuit claiming she was wrongfully arrested and her freedom of speech was violated.

“It is an ‘oops’ moment. You don’t lock people up because you hurt their feelings. Maybe you demand apology, you don’t lock them up. I’m entitled to give feedback,” Yates said.

“We have absolute right to freedom of speech. I know the ‘don’t cry fire in a crowded theater.’ That didn’t happen here. I had a right to give feedback,” Yates said.

Cobb County Schools officials said they do not comment on ongoing litigation.


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