Atlanta police officer indicted in death of pedestrian

bernard moore2
– After seven, long months, a Fulton County grand jury has indicted an Atlanta Police officer for the death of a pedestrian.
Officer Christopher Blaise faces misdemeanor charges of vehicular homicide and speeding. On March 6, 2015, Bernard Moore, 62, was struck down on Metropolitan Avenue in Atlanta. Witnesses said that the officer was speeding and that he did not have the car’s blue lights flashing. Seven months later, a Fulton County Grand jury has determined that Blaise should face criminal charges in the case.
Procedure calls for the case to be heard by a state court judge with the maximum sentence of 12 months for each charge.
Family attorney Mawuli Davis believes it was the recovery of the video tape from that evening “that helped lead to the misdemeanor charges.” According to Davis, “this officer will be held accountable. He will not just be able to walk freely without having to address these charges.”


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