Bill Cosby’s Ebony cover inspires outrage and support

The formerly invulnerable and unassailable Bill Cosby is subjected to new levels of scrutiny via a Boston deposition and an Ebony magazine article that performs invasive surgery on the man who was almost considered sacrosanct in America.
The cover photo is metaphorically applicable as Cosby’s tries to pick up the shards of his completely shattered image in light of more than four dozen women coming forth this year accusing “America’s Dad” of being a degenerate, pervert and serial rapist. Just days after he was the object of an intense dissection — better known in legal circles as a “deposition” — by celebrity attorney Gloria Alred in Boston, Ebony features the “The Cosby Show” cast for a story on broken families in the African American community.
Cosby has always maintained his innocence and that any sexual relations he had outside of his marriage was consensual.
The striking cover has inspired both repulsion and support. Take a look:



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