Super producer Will Packer, Tone Bell introduce new NBC sitcom ‘Truth Be Told’ in Atlanta

Because of his tremendous box office success in the last several years, Will Packer’s chin had to be pointed upward when traipsed into the NBC studios with nine No. 1 movies figuratively painted on his chest like the letter “S.” With an enviable and thick portfolio that included string of box office blockbusters and critically-acclaimed projects (Straight Outta Compton, Ride Along Franchise, Think Like A Man Franchise just to name a few), he had stacks of cache to pitch his sitcom concept to the Hollywood keymasters. And, just as importantly, to get the green-lighters to listen and bequeath their blessing to move forward with the upcoming sitcom “Truth Be Told.”
By showing Hollywood that he could make critically-acclaimed films that all made handsome profits without their help, Packer exemplified that he’s a self-made man who can get things done on his own. When that happens, Hollywood becomes eager to back up the brinks trucks to help you get other projects off the ground. Thus the “Truth Be Told” sitcom, starring comedian Tone Bell, Mark-Paul Gosselaar, Vanessa Lachey and Bresha Webb.
Now that the Peacock Network has entrusted Packer and star Bell with the keys, they don’t plan to unveil their half-hour comedy meekly.
Listening to Packer describe the constructs of “Truth be Told” at the STK restaurant in Midtown Atlanta, the show has all the ingredients for a tasty social cocktail for audiences to consume. Based loosely on the life of co-producer DJ Nash, a white Jewish writer whose entire social circle is diverse and subsequently prompts an array of funny, powerful and poignant subject matter.
“You have this Jewish white guy who’s married to a beautiful Asian woman. They have two mixed kid. His best friend is black and his wife is black. So in his daily life, in his social circles and in his own house, oftentimes he is the only white guy,” Packer explained of DJ Nash, for whom the sitcom is based on. “And that was so interesting to me and relevant to today’s time because you have so much diversity, so many interracial relationships. I mean, the white guy is the minority in most of his world. There is a show there.”
And from that unique and fruitful premise, the social and cultural fireworks begin.
“Oh man,” says Bell, riddling off the number of provocative and oft-taboo subjects the sitcom will tackle with relentless aplomb. “In one episode, my wife finds out that my ex-girlfriend is white. I didn’t lie, I just didn’t tell the truth. I talked around the issue until we ran into her. She wasn’t mad that she was white, but she was upset that I didn’t tell her the whole truth.”
And that’s just the beginning, Bell said.
“You’re going to see the show talk watch porn together, talk sex, talk race, talk religion … pretend to be gay to get a discount on car (because the salesman is gay). The show discusses strippers, drugs – maybe even try drugs,” he said.
“The neighbor’s daughter catches me in the shower,” he said. “Now what is that conversation like?!?”
Another episode, the four best friends are watching porn together. “Couples don’t watch porn together … can they???” he asks.
“People are going to be really taken aback and really impressed with what we’re going for and hopefully they will grow with us,” Bell said.
“Truth Be Told” premieres on Friday, Oct. 16 at 8:30 p.m. on NBC.


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