T.I.’s restaurant Scales 925 responds to shooting of former basketball star Glen Rice Jr.

Glen Rice Sr. has to be devastated that a discharged firearm has visited his once-promising son yet again. The elder Rice, who won a championship at the University of Michigan before moving on to become one of the most feared long-range snipers in modern NBA history, said he thought his son, Glen Rice Jr., learned his lesson after being cut from Georgia Tech after he “accidentally” fired his 9mm handgun during his truncated tenure with the Yellow Jackets.
Being facetious, Glen Rice Sr.’s only crime was that he had sexual relations with eventual Alaskan governor and former Republican vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin during their college years back in the day.
Just three years after that Georgia Tech fracas, Rice Jr., a former Washington Wizards sharpshooter, was shot in a parking lot near T.I.’s Atlanta restaurant, Scales 925, following a late-night altercation (they say nothing good happens after midnight).
The management for the Trouble Man’s restaurant (no pun intended) took pains to divorce themselves from the fracas that took place outside the eatery in downtown Atlanta on Oct. 25, 2015.
“The events that happened near Scales 925 is severely disconcerting. Our staff noticed a heightened exchange between patrons and they were asked to leave. An altercation between the individuals of no affiliation with Scales 925 seemed to have led to an unfortunate escalation in a public area near our restaurant. We commend our team on the swift and professional handling of the incident and on ensuring that the safety and well being of our patrons and staff remain a priority. We were saddened to learn about Mr. Rice’s injury and wish him the absolute best with his personal injury and situation. The Scales 925 family condemns any act of violence and will always adhere to best practices to safeguard our patrons and staff. We encourage the public and media to continue to responsibly get any additional facts on this unfortunate incident from the authorities, as we plan to do the same.”
For the record, Tip was not at the restaurant at the time of the shooting.
Glen Rice Jr.’s problems don’t end with the bullet hole in his leg. Police say surveillance cameras captured the younger Rice discarding a firearm while running from the scene. He and his friend also tried to ditch a black bag in their possession, which police later picked up. The contents included a stash of marijuana and Glen Rice Jr’s passport. He was subsequently apprehended for possession after he was treated at the hospital for the gunshot wound.

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