Cheating couple both shot dead while having sex in car

Two cheating lovers who were having sex in the back of a parked SUV were both fatally shot multiple times in the head.
According to Philadelphia police, Shakoor Arline and Lisa Smith were having sex in a sports utility vehicle in an area known as lovers’ lane, The Daily Mail reported, when someone suddenly opened the rear door of the car and fired nine shots, hitting the couple in the head multiple times.
Police are calling this a “crime of passion,” particularly since there was nothing taken from the vehicle during the commission of this murder.
Maintenance discovered the couple’s bodies on Friday afternoon near Lemon Hill Mansion, a historic building in the city’s Fairmount Park. Arline was naked and Smith was partially clothed.
The two secret lovers were co-workers and both were in relationships with someone else. Smith, 32, was a mother of five children. Police are looking for a woman who was romantically involved with Arline, 25.
Philadelphia Police Captain James Clark stated, “I can tell you from the crime scene it appears to be very much a crime of passion. We’ve got nine shots fired; all of them head shots, to both of the victims.”
Police are now looking for a male suspect in the double murder. Police confirmed that the two had been dating off and on for at least two years
Photo: Shakoor Arline Twitter and Facebok

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