Karrine Steffans and Toya Wright slam Christina Milian for crying over Lil Wayne

Two of Lil Wayne’s ex-girlfriends offered absolutely no sympathy to Christina Milian, who was filmed on her reality show crying over her “breakup” with Lil Wayne. Some people have commented that she was the only one in a “relationship,” that Lil Wayne never knew that were in one — and most certainly not an exclusive one.
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Karrine Steffans, who was known as “Superhead” brought Milian back to reality when she offered this bit of advice:
Toya Wright, who had a baby with Lil Wayne back in the day, was much more direct — if not harsh — in her assessment of the situation. Take a look:
Milian’s sister, Liz, was irate at Toya’s comments and went on a tirade before she deleted it. However, Baller Alert screen captured it for posterity.
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Liz Milian then offered some advice to her sister about how to handle such men, which could lead to Christina catching a case if she followed through with it:
Whew! So, what do you think of Steffans’ and Wright’s responses to Milian’s tears over Lil Wayne? Talk among yourselves.

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