Mayor signs on to Urban Food Policy Pact

Pittsburgh Mayor Bill Peduto (Courier file Photo)

PITTSBURGH, PA (Nov. 18, 2015) – Mayor William Peduto today joined city officials from around the globe with a commitment to the Milan Urban Food Policy Pact, an effort dedicated to the creation of just and sustainable urban food systems.

The Milan Urban Food Policy Pact addresses the opportunities cities have to contribute to food security and sustainable development through urban agriculture and by developing food systems based on the principles of sustainability and social justice. The Peduto administration is committed to establishing a local, sustainable food system and food equity for all Pittsburgh citizens.

The Milan Urban Food Policy Framework for Action makes recommendations in the areas of governance, sustainable diets and nutrition, social and economic equity, food production, food supply and distribution and food waste.

Recommendations included in the Framework for Action that are currently in place in the City of Pittsburgh include:

  • Enhancing stakeholder participation at the city level by appointing a food policy adviser and developing a food policy council;

  • Revision of urban food policies;

  • Developing disaster risk reduction strategy to enhance the resilience of urban food systems;

  • Generate awareness about diseases associated with poor diets and obesity;

  • Encourage joint action by health and food sectors through people centered strategies for health lifestyles;

  • Reorient food programs in schools and afterschool programs;

  • Promote decent employment for all including fair wages;

  • Improve wastewater management and reuse through municipal policies

More information on the Milan Urban Food Policy Pact can be found here.
A complete copy of the Milan Urban Food Policy Pact can be found here.


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