How 50 Cent got Derek Jeter sued for millions of dollars

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It appears that New York Yankees’ legendary shortstop Derek Jeter’s reputation has been sullied by rap impresario 50 Cent.
Jeter is reportedly so offended that 50 Cent joined onto the Swedish underwear line Frigo, that Jeter is also a part of, that Jeter bounced away from the deal before his contract is over.
Jeter signed a three-year stint as director of the company. But 50 Cent was brought in to be the brand ambassador, much to Jeter’s offense. Jeter, sources say, believe that 50 Cent’s affiliation with Frigo will bring it down and make it “too urban.” So Jeter walked away from the company, leaving himself open to a breach of contract lawsuit.
Frigo is now suing Jeter, 41, for $4.7 million.
50 Cent recently shared his disgust about Jeter’s decision to leave the company because of him.
See what Fifty has to say about the Derek Jeter diss:

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