Statement by Mayor William Peduto on sick leave and security workers court decisions


PITTSBURGH, PA – “The recent court decisions regarding paid sick leave and security worker training are a step backward for Pittsburgh. The United States is the only industrialized country in the world that doesn’t guarantee its workers paid sick leave. Cities and states are working to resolve this void left by Washington, D.C. special interests.
Likewise, cities around the world understand the importance of coordinated public safety training between local law enforcement officers and security guards of large buildings, institutions and schools. Instead of addressing these issues proactively, these court decisions have set the City of Pittsburgh behind our peers.
It is important to realize that our city was built on the shoulders and backs of those who worked the mills. Through their sacrifices, they did more than build this country, they built the middle class. We must never forget this. We owe it to them that today’s workers will continue to move forward and that our city will play a critical role in building that bridge between our historic past and our promising future – for everyone.”


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