Metro Atlanta black family terrorized by racist graffiti after dog was poisoned

racist bowden
CARROLL COUNTY, Ga. —A metro Atlanta husband and wife told reporters they woke up to find racist graffiti all over their home, vehicle and mailbox, just months after their family dog was poisoned to death.

The couple said the first incident involved their German shephard. A school bus driver with a bus full of children reported the graffiti to police Wednesday morning.
Carroll County is nearly an hour east of Atlanta, near the Alabama border.
“What hurt me (is) the school kids saw the writing,” victim Jimmie Strickland said.
“KKK,” “whites only” and “get the *bleep* out of Bowdon,” were spray-painted all over Dwight and Jimmie Strickland’s property, according to WSBTV.
The couple are the only black family in the neighborhood.
“Mainly, I thought of my grandkids. If they would’ve saw that, it would’ve … (hurt) them more than it would’ve hurt me,” the home owner Jimmie Strickland said.
Jimmie Strickland said she heard the spray paint cans at 5 a.m.
“I heard the shaking, the bock, bock, bock,” Jimmie Strickland said. “I got up, but I didn’t go outside.”
She didn’t see what someone did to her house until Bowdon police Chief Mark Brock knocked on their door.
Jimmie Strickland knows the chief well since they grew up together in Bowdon.
“He’s really mad,” Jimmie Strickland said.
Back in December, the Strickland’s dog mysteriously died.
The veterinarian told them their German shepherd was poisoned.
“It’s just dirty to come in your yard . That dog wasn’t messing with you,” Dwight Strickland said.
Friends are telling the couple to get a home surveillance system because there’s probably more to come.
“They said, ‘Dwight, they’re probably coming back,’” Dwight Strickland said, according to the television station.


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