Infant dies when mother leaves to go stripping

A woman faces a slew of possible felony charges when her toddler died at home alone when she went to go work at strip club.
Leila Aquino, according to News 12 in New York, Aquino waited until she put her infant to sleep on Feb. 22 and left the child home alone to go stripping. Aquino, 20, reportedly pocked more than $1,000 in $1 bills that night.
But the price Aquino is paying for her horrible decision is astronomically higher.
It just so happened that the night she neglected her child, the Brooklyn apartment complex caught on fire. By the time Aquino returned home, the complex was completed consumed with flames. Her attempts to run into the apartment to save the child she left alone were, of course, thwarted by the fire officials on the scene.
Aquino told firefighters that her child was still in the apartment, but tragically, they told her that her daughter, Kalenah Muldrow, perished in the flames. The daughter’s lifeless body was found under the bed her mother put her in before leaving her home alone. The daughter had instinctively gone under the bed to hide from the flames.
Aquino tried to pass off the lie that she left her infant daughter with a babysitter, but investigators quickly untangled her lies when they interviewed the babysitter and she said she did not watch the baby on the evening in question. After confronting Aquino with her obvious lie, she finally that she left the child at home alone to go work at a strip club.
Aquino faces charges of reckless endangerment and endangering the welfare of a child. The deadbeat mother could also face manslaughter if the district attorney decides to add that charge.

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