Jeff ‘Tain’ Watts finds the ‘Blue’ note


Blue note: In jazz and blues, a blue note (also “worried” note) is a note that—for expressive purposes—is sung or played at a slightly different pitch than standard. Typically the alteration is a between a quartertone and a semitone, but this varies among performers and genres.
Jeff “Tain” Watts is above the fray. He is slightly different than most drummers and he most definitely stands out.
From his early days with Wynton Marsalis and his quintet to present times, this six-time Grammy award winning songwriter, actor, bandleader and record label owner has always stood out swinging hard and walking to a different beat. It has been a long way from his humble Pittsburgh beginnings in the Hill District, to North Versailles and Crestas Terrace, East Allegheny High School to Duquesne University and then to Berklee College in Boston. His big brother James worked at Flo’s Records in Oakland. James turned this young DJ on to all kinds of sounds. Jeff was also turned on to a whole new world of artists like John Coltrane and Frank Zappa.


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