Field Negro: "Veep"

Image result for running mate imagesNow that Donald trump is firmly on his way to becoming the republican nominee for president of these divided states of America, it might be time for him to start looking for a running mate.
Just in case any of Donald’s peeps are reading this blog, I would like to make a few suggestions.
1. Charles Barkley-Pros: Charles would help Donald with the male African American vote. Chuck also has a high profile because of his past professional sporting life, and he spends a lot of time on ESPN, so this might help trump with the white male vote as well. Also, like the man that he would be running with, Charles is known for speaking his mind. Cons: Sometimes Charles tends to speak first and think later, and he is from a state (Alabama) that trump is already going to win, so it might not necessarily be a good strategic move for trump to pick Sir Charles.
2. Paula Deen-Pros: I think they have shared views about “the blacks”. Trump will also more than likely be running against Hillary, so having a woman on his ticket will help with the female vote. Cons: Their shared views about “the blacks”, and Paula Deen’s age. (I know she is only 69, but she can’t be healthy with all that fried food that she likes to cook.)
3. Clint Eastwood– Pros: This pick would reinforce trump’s tough guy straight talking cred with his base, and it might help get him votes in California with all its electoral college votes. Cons: A real debate opponent might give Clint some problems. Just a few years ago we saw him struggle with a chair.
4. Sarah Palin-Pros: Nothing gets a certain type of republican fired up like the name Sarah Palin. Cons: It’s Sarah Palin.
5. Caitlyn Jenner– Pros: Let’s face it, this pick would help show America that republicans can be progressive when it comes to social issues. Also, Caitlyn dislikes Hillary and is a strong conservative. Cons: Trump supporters might give her a hard time when they campaign together in the bible belt, and trump’s jealousy of her hair might prevent him from warming up to her.
6.  Megyn Kelly– Pros: He would be showing FOX viewers that he values their vote, and he would be showing America that he is not as petty as he seemed earlier in the campaign season. Cons: He would spend too much time on the campaign trail trying to hit on her.
7.  Peyton Manning- Pros: He is out of football now so he has some time on his hand. Also, he would definitely help in the swing state of Colorado. Cons: Peyton would probably want to be the one calling al the shots, and this would definitely not sit well with trump. (“Peyton, I am not one of your dumb offensive linemen”.)
8. Stacey Dash- Pros: She is a black female, so trump could claim that his campaign is inclusive. Cons: She is Stacey Dash.
9. Ted Nugent- Pros: Ted would really fire up trump’s base and get them to the polls. Cons: Ted would really fire up blacks folks and get them to the polls.
10. Donald Trump– Pros: No one loves trump as much as trump, and not choosing a running mate would send a signal to the country that he can do it all alone. Cons: The members of the  electoral college would choose one for him, and there is no telling who they would select.
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