Pittsburgh man receives ‘the gift of life’


The lives of people on the organ transplant waiting list can be difficult. Most patients spend years hoping for the gift of life while carrying on with their daily lives as normally as possible.
While serving in the National Guard, Moses Hart discovered that he had an enlarged heart and that it was probably caused by a virus. In 2000, Hart was diagnosed with cardiomyopathy, which means his heart doesn’t pump enough blood. The disease weakens the heart muscle and often leads to heart failure.
Because his heart didn’t pump enough blood, doctors inserted a ventricular assist device into Hart to help him stay alive. The device is attached to the heart. He carried the pump and power source outside of his body in a fanny pack. He even slept with it.
In January 2015, Hart received his first call from the transplant center. Unfortunately, the heart that was available wasn’t suitable for him. In the meantime, he volunteered at the Center for Organ Recovery & Education (CORE) and Allegheny General Hospital. In January 2016, Hart received his heart. He waited approximately four years for his gift of life but will tell you that it was certainly worth the wait.


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