Phaedra Parks is going to court

It was apropos that “Real Housewives of Atlanta” star and attorney Phaedra Parks would head to the very place is most comfortable to settle the long-standing rumors about alleged illicit activities on her part: the courtroom.
Parks, husband of twice-incarcerated Apollo Nida, has been implicated in Nida’s federal criminal activities through a tell-all book from one of his former associates, Angela Stanton. Parks is finally going to squash the supposedly slanderous rumors and innuendos by taking Stanton to court.
Several years ago, Stanton published the book, Lies of a Real Housewife: Tell The Truth & Shame The Devil that puts Parks at her husband Nida’s side as they allegedly immersed themselves in forgery, theft and racketeering and then coaxed her into their scandalous enterprise — only to neglect her once she was apprehended and tried in a court of law.

Author Angela Stanton
Author Angela Stanton

But Stanton says that it was Parks, not Nida, who was the real mastermind who orchestrated thsi “criminal enterprise. Stanton goes for the jugular in the book, alleging that Parks actually had a “girlfriend” and was into “freaky” sex.
“Phaedra was this crooked attorney who knew how to commit crimes against the federal government. She also knew how to get away. Phaedra Parks had studied the law extensively, and learned how to manipulate the cracks in the system,” wrote Stanton.
When the book was published Parks filed a defamation lawsuit against Stanton, while Stanton filed a countersuit. Parks tried to have Stanton’s counterclaims dismissed, but was denied multiple times, most recently in March.
Parks, the media is reporting, has one more opportunity on April 20 to try to dismiss Stanton’s counterclaims. If Parks request is denied again, the case will go to trial the very next morning in Atlanta.

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