'Bill O'Racist' at it again

George Curry
George Curry

(GEORGE CURRY MEDIA)—I have written about Bill O’Reilly, a/k/a “Bill O’Racist,” in the past and his proclivity to distort the facts when discussing African Americans. Well, he’s at it again.
On one of his recent shows on Fox News, he asked, “Don’t you think most African-Americans know there are super predators among their ethnic group? Don’t they know it?”
Earlier in the year, he said, “Well, Sanders says he is a straight talker but not, not on this issue. Here’s the truth. African-Americans make up 13 percent of the total population in the U.S.A. but commit 37 percent of all murders. And 90 percent of Black murder victims are killed by other Blacks. You will never ever hear either Bernie Sanders or Hillary Clinton say that. Republican candidates will not likely point it out either because it’s politically incorrect. It’s much easier to decry racism than actually address the root causes of violent crime which are a corrosive culture and collapse of the traditional family.”
For the record, every racial and ethnic group has predators among its ranks, just as they have members who are positive forces.
In his rush to blame everything on “corrosive culture” and “collapse of the traditional family” among African Americans, Bill O’Racist conveniently ignores some basic facts.
He should have learned last November from Donald Trump’s re-tweeting an erroneous  post that claimed that 81 percent of Whites are killed by Blacks. Not only was that fiction, the supposedly source for the figure—“Crime Statistics Bureau—San Francisco”—did not exist.


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