To Tell The Truth… Whom I am voting for and why


In the last 60 odd years I have never missed voting in an election, and next week April 26 I will be voting once again. It has always been my conviction that voters should have a deeper reason for casting their vote than just saying it’s my obligation to vote. We must do more research on all candidates, thereby becoming an informed voter.
For example the President: I am voting for Bernie Sanders, because he has the greatest potential to create positive change in America, by challenging the super rich, the 1 percent which may reinvigorate the working class citizens of America. Bernie Sander’s opponent is supported by the super rich, the 1 percent.
United States Senator: This is my most difficult decision, because of the similarities between Joe Sestak and Big John Fetterman, the Mayor of Braddock. The two candidates are almost identical in their concern and commitment to the people not the political machine. However in life you have to make a choice so I am voting for Admiral Joe Sestak.
14th U.S. Congressional District: For the last 100 years a White man has been the voice for the largest numbers of Black voters in Western Pennsylvania, and overwhelmingly they represented Blacks well. There comes a time in life when change is required, it is a new year and after 100 years that old song has become a reality do you remember? “Everything must change nothing remains the same.” Yes change is long overdue as Black women have grown in statue, ability, articulation, commitment and I will be voting to silence the voice of a man by voting for the new voice of Dr. Janis C. Brooks.
Pennsylvania Attorney General: President Obama endorsed Attorney Josh Shapiro, but I had already decided to support him. Why? The other candidate is basing his campaign on being an 18 year prosecutor. However the state law only requires that you be an attorney not a prosecutor or persecutor. I believe he has been a selective prosecutor, for example there are two outstanding incidents where two young Black men were attacked. The first happened in Homewood a young brother going to grandma’s house and he winds up going to trial. The other a young brother was the result of wrong identification and he wound up in a wheelchair and charged. I am voting for Josh Shapiro for attorney general.
(Louis “Hop” Kendrick is a contributor to the Forum Page.)
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