Cover To Cover…‘Trombone Shorty’

“Just wait til you’re older!”
Oh, how you hate hearing that! Wait til you’re grown.  You need to get bigger. You can’t do that now, you’re too little. But why not? Why can’t you start dreaming of someday right now, while you’re still a kid?  As you’ll see in the new book “Trombone Shorty” by Troy “Trombone Shorty” Andrews, illustrated by Bryan Collier, dreams can come true at any age.
In the New Orleans neighborhood called Tremé, “you could hear the music floating in the air” day and night. The house where Troy Andrews grew up was filled with music, too, and Troy loved the trombone. He hoped to be a musician some day.
Each year, when Mardi Gras rolled through Tremé, Troy and his neighbors would dance along with the bands in the parades. Man, that was fun! There were balloons, beads, and music, which “made everyone forget about their troubles for a little while.”
That also made Troy want to become a musician even more, so he and his friends created instruments from odds and ends they found around Tremé; Troy was happy to find a beat-up trombone, and he fixed it up good. That’s the best part of being a musician: you can make music from almost anything.


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