Funniest responses to Madonna’s horrible Prince tribute at Billboard Music Awards #BBMA

Madonna bumbled out a travesty and tragedy of a tribute to the late, legendary Prince, but Sheila E. was not qualified to come onstage?!?
The people who planned the Prince tribute must have been wearing Mickey Mouse ears. That performance at the Billboard Music Awards 2016 was a dumpster fire and an abandoned outhouse combined.
Then again, it was Madonna who also gave a curious and strange tribute to the equally legendary Michael Jackson after he passed away in 2009. She blubbered on about how she and others forgot about “The King of Pop” as he spiraled into prescription drug dependency, depression and hideous legal battles. She also displayed tone deafness then.
For some reason, the “sharp” pencils who produced this awards show thought that none of the people who performed with, and produced chart-topping hits with, Prince over the years were not relevant enough for the audience to give a more appropriate send-off to one of the greatest artists of all time. Hell, at least they could have been a part of the ensemble of artist paying homage to the intergalactic talent that was Prince Rogers Nelson.

Please, BET Awards, make sure you mop up and disinfect behind Madonna, who crapped onstage in her efforts and stumbled through her performance. The whole production, which closed out the BBMAs, was ill-conceived, poorly planned and desperately tried to leverage the fame and unassailable image of Stevie Wonder to try to rescue Madonna from totally sinking into infamy. Who thought this was a great idea? Sheena Easton, Apollonia, the New Power Generation, the Revolution and, most of all, Lisa and Wendy, could not have done worse. In fact, each one of them would have done Prince more justice than what Madonna proffered.
All they did was desecrate the memory of Prince, and many of the fans watching were outraged. Take a look at how they express their rage and shock at the Prince tribute:


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