Bobby Brown says he once kicked Janet Jackson out of bed for this reason


Bobby Brown’s career and image have sunk to new lows, to subterranean levels. In order to peddle his tell-all book, he has hung out his late ex-wife to dry when she can no longer refute the authenticity of his statements.

Now, he doing a kiss-and-tell of alleged sexual escapades with superstar singers Janet Jackson and Madonna.

In an interview with US WeeklyBrown talks about the reason he exploded on Jackson and kicked her out of his bed and their hotel room:

Bobby Brown opened up about his past romances with Madonna and Janet Jackson in his new book, Every Little Step: My Story, and revealed that one of the two iconic singers once told him she loved him — but wasn’t “in love” with him.

“I fell in love with [Janet] when she was Penny on Good Times,” the 47-year-old New Edition singer told Us Weekly in an exclusive interview. “It goes back that far, you know, my infatuation with her.”

Brown claims the pair secretly dated for several months in the mid-80’s while Jackson was in a relationship with Rene Elizondo Jr, who she would later secretly marry. Brown believed Jackson would leave Elizondo Jr. for him, but it soon became clear that their affair had to come to an end when “she told me she wasn’t in love with me,” he said.

“She loved me but wasn’t in love with me,” Brown said, adding that the Rhythm Nation singer told him, “My father won’t allow me to be with a black man.” At that, Brown wrote in his book, he kicked her out of the hotel room where they had been “lying in bed after having sex.”

“I exploded and I threw her out,” he penned.

Brown also talked about his freaky sex session with the “Material Girl” at a recording studio:

As for Madonna, 57, Brown said their sexual encounter was “kind of weird, but you know, memorable.”

“We met through mutual friends,” Brown told Us. “One of her dancers was dating a friend of mine and I guess she told my friend that Madonna wanted to meet me. We ended up going down to the studio and the next thing I know, there was some strange things happening to me.”

Asked to elaborate, the singer said with a laugh, “Madonna is really forceful. When she wants something, she’ll take it.”

That sounds like something Madonna would do. We’re kind of surprised about Janet Jackson, however, and the things she allegedly said about her father Joe Jackson. We wonder how true that statement is, considering that she rebelled against the Jackson family and got married suddenly to James DeBarge against the wishes of her parents. If she would defy her domineering father and elope with DeBarge, then why would she obey him if he said she could not marry a black man?

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