Orlando shooter’s alleged gay lover say shooting was revenge for this reason

As the Department of Justice continues to investigate the terrorist hate crime in Orlando perpetrated by Omar Mateen, it has been revealed that the shooter was allegedly gay on the down low.
The shooter’s alleged gay lover recently says he’s already spoken to the FBI. And he sat down with Univision to talk about why he believes the attack took place, saying that terrorism was not the motive. The man spoke under the condition that his true identity would not be made public and he wore a disguise to camouflage his appearance.
Via DailyMail
A man claiming to be the Orlando shooter’s lover says Omar Mateen was livid after discovering he’d had sex with an HIV-positive man.
The Hispanic gay man, identified only as Miguel, told Univision he met Omar Mateen on Grindr before they became ‘friends with benefits’, meeting up 20 times at a hotel in Orlando, Florida.
Miguel described Mateen as a confused gay man and a heavy drinker who was attracted to – but felt rejected by – Latinos.
He believes Mateen’s massacre on Pulse nightclub’s Latin Night was an attempt at ‘revenge’ after discovering that one of the two Puerto Rican gay men he’d had a threesome with was HIV-positive.
Speaking in fluent Spanish and broken English, Miguel said that despite tests coming up negative, Mateen feared not enough time had passed for an accurate result, and he wanted to ‘make them pay’.
Just in case you’re wondering, “Miguel” disguised his face with a prosthetic mask a la Zoe Saldana in order to conceal his identity.
‘The thing that makes me want to tell the truth is that he didn’t do it for terrorism,’ Miguel told Univision’s Maria Elena Salinas. ‘In my opinion he did it for revenge.’

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