Prophetic Malcolm X spoke on police brutality 55 years ago, but did we listen?

During his pinnacle of his power, popularity and persuasive influence in the first half of the 1960’s, Malcolm X was denounced by the mainstream as a crazed, demented demagogue and rabid racist who incited hatred against whites. Malcolm’s brand of brutal, unapologetic truth pierced the consciousness of the mainstream and his fearlessness inspired widespread fear among most whites and even many middle-class blacks.
Time has softened the image of Malcolm X and it enables amateur and professional historians to review his brilliant and storied life with a more unfiltered vision. And it turns out that Malcolm was more prophetic than any public figure in America during his era (other than Sen. Robert F. Kennedy, who predicted in 1968 that a black man could one day be president).
As the nation remains confounded by the ghastly, endless string of police killings of mostly unarmed black men, nearly six decades ago Malcolm offered an explanation for the horrific and dastardly acts perpetrated by racist, renegade police who have turned black and Hispanic neighborhoods into occupied territories and oppressive police states.
Why does this keep happening? There is a reason behind the bloodshed and, in some cases, outright murder by public servants who kill scores of blacks even as that community pays police officer’s salaries through their tax dollars.
Take a look at Malcolm X’s (aka El Hajj Malik El Shabazz) and how perfectly he dissected white racism and police brutality in America and see for yourself if it doesn’t aptly apply and transfer to today’s tumultuous, one-sided relationship between law enforcement and blacks in 2016.
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There are some who actually do see what is actually going down in America and how police are given the power by the establishment to administer the most brutal and lethal force with the slightest provocation:
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