Baton Rouge shooter Gavin Long’s manifesto before killing 3 cops

gavin long
Many people, pundits and investigators alike, are trying to enter the mind of the man who is identified as the shooter of three police officers in Baton Rouge, La.
Because of his manifestos he uploaded prior to the shootings, people are now gaining an insight to his mental state before began killing and then was eventually killed himself.
According to NBC:
The suspect in the fatal shooting of three Baton Rouge cops maintained a robust social media presence and a website called Convos With Cosmo in which he describes himself as a “freedom strategist, mental game coach, nutritionist, author and spiritual advisor.”
Long spent a semester at the University of Alabama, where he made the Dean’s List, according to the school’s website. A spokesperson for the school confirmed to NBC News that Long attended school there for one semester in the spring of 2012.
Long was legally divorced from Aireyona Osha in May, 2011, according to Missouri state records, which say that Long sought the divorce. The Kansas City Star notes that they published a marriage announcement for the couple on July 22, 2009.
A summons was issued against Long for delinquent city earnings taxes was issued in April 2016, according to state records. The case was dismissed on June 7, 2016, though the events preceding it are unclear, as they’re unavailable online.
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