Multimedia power couple helps give second chances with jobs for felons

Jenny and Rufus Triplett
Jenny and Rufus Triplett

(—Felon, felony, criminal record, ex-offender, ex-con, etc., etc., etc. These labels in the job market are a hindrance. They are a separating factor of who gets in and who goes in File 13 even before an interview. Once an individual had completed their time of incarceration, they are further subjected to pre-employment biases and hiring manager judgments many years after the court imposed sentence is said and done.
Jenny and Rufus Triplett, Ebony Magazine’s Couple of the Year in 2012 and co-owners of Dawah International, LLC, a multimedia company, that incorporates print, radio, blog, webTV and social media in order to thwart mass incarceration and wrongful convictions, but also help those returning to society get a second chance. Published under the company’s umbrella is Prisonworld Magazine, the preferred prison entertainment magazine, available on Amazon, Prisonworld Radio Hour, produced and co-hosted weekly by the Tripletts and airs in podcast and syndicated to iTunes and tunein, Prisonworld Blogtalk and Prisonworld TV which looks to be distributed in various detention facilities.


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