Jasiri X named Hip Hop Ambassador for State of Black World Conference


New York—The Institute of the Black World 21st Century announced that Pittsburgh-based hip-hop activist Jasiri X will serve as the Hip Hop Ambassador for State of the Black World Conference IV (SOBWC IV) scheduled for November 16– 20 in Newark, N. J.
The recently released Second Call for SOBWC IV states: “What if hundreds of hip-hop activists and cultural workers assemble in Newark to rededicate themselves to translate the articulation of the ‘realness’ of the wretched condition of oppression and exploitation in America’s ‘dark ghettos’ and the Pan African world into revolution–radical, transformative change to realize full freedom, justice and self-determination for people of African descent everywhere!”
As the Hip Hop Ambassador for SOBWC IV, Jasiri X has agreed to use his considerable influence and organizing skills to answer this vital dimension of the Call.
Jasiri X is increasingly recognized as one of the foremost young leaders in the U.S. and the Pan African world. Mobilizing/organizing with a mission of “Freeing Minds One Rhyme at a Time,” he gained national/international acclaim with “Free the Jena 6” which helped to galvanize the movement to exonerate six Black students accused of attempted murder after a schoolyard fight erupted over nooses found hanging from a tree on school grounds. He has continued to be a vocal voice, demanding an end to police killings of Black people, self-determination for the Palestinians, an end to the global drug war and numerous other causes.


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