Police annual report: Total homicides down


Though the total number of homicides in Pittsburgh dropped by 17 percent from 69 to 57 between 2014 and 2015, but with only 24 arrests made in those cases, so did the number solved by police.

Such statistics are just part of those making up the bureau’s 2015 annual report, released Aug. 12. Unfortunately, so are the statistics that reinforce that the bulk of these killings were perpetrated on Blacks by Blacks.
Of the 57 victims listed in the report, 87 percent were Black. Of the 23 arrested, 83 percent were Black. Despite these numbers, Chief Cameron McLay said during a press conference announcing the report’s release that he is confident personnel changes, analytical enhancements and officer outreach will improve performance and results, and increase public safety.
“At the beginning of (2015), our clearance rate was way up,” he said. “When we had enough resources to stay ahead of the curve, and we can continue to investigate aggressively like each crime requires, we were very successful.”


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