Sheryl Underwood’s emotional, tear-filled talk about police killings of black men

Sheryl Underwood was reduced to tears on “The Talk” when trying to emotionally testify about her absolute trepidation of driving her own car anymore out fear that she may get shot by rabidly racist cops with vendettas and hate in their hearts.
As been reported, two more black men have been killed in the past couple of days, one in Tulsa, Okla., where an unarmed man appeared to have his hands up, and another in Charlotte, N.C., where witnesses claimed the slain man had a book in his hand and not a gun as the police stated in their report.
So when “The Talk” co-host, Aisha Tyler, tried to say that there needs to be more training for police officers, she was quickly and sharply rebuked by Underwood.
Aisha Tyler: “We have a legacy of racism in this country and if we don’t start calling it racism then we can’t fight it …”
Sheryl Underwood interrupted: “We don’t have to train the cops not to shoot white people, why you gotta train them not to shoot us?”
Take a look at the rest of Underwood’s powerful and poignant testimony.
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