50 Cent destroyed by Vivica A. Fox after he trolls Taraji P. Henson, again

50-cent-taraji2-copyFor some reason, 50 Cent has demonstrated his proclivity to trash the “Empire” series in general, and Taraji P. Henson in particular. He also slammed former girlfriend Vivica A. Fox for having the audacity to make a guest appearance on the show.
This time Curtis Jackson poked the bear once too often and he was summarily slammed into oblivion.
Fifty claimed even that he slept with Cookie, setting off a chain of events that ended with his backside being peeled by his ex-girlfriend.
He even posted a picture showing “Empire’s” ratings drop.
Henson fired back with her own shots, noting that “Empire” is still the number one scripted show on TV.
“Still looking for that damn cent sign,” Henson relayed “Guess it’s obsolete.”
While Henson tried to go the classy route in checking 50 Cent, Fox ripped into her ex-man like jackals on a carcass:
Even Jussie Smollett chimed in and questioned 50’s manhood:
“Do you realize how petty it is that you’re a crab in a barrel?” wrote Jussie in a lengthy post. “I hold up Taraji just as I hold up @Naturi4Real. So who is the real man?”
Check out what else Smollett had to say, along with 50 Cent’s profane response:

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