Field Negro…Deplorable John

Image result for roos oregon imageYet another deplorable shows his true colors.

“WASHINGTON — A fanatical Donald Trump supporter, who was arrested by the FBI in Oregon this week after repeatedly threatening to kill President Barack Obama and federal agents, had multiple pipe bombs in his home, authorities alleged in court on Friday.
John Martin Roos, a 61-year-old from Oregon, has been charged with communication of a threat in interstate commerce, and additional charges are likely forthcoming. Roos first came onto the federal government’s radar after a “concerned citizen” brought Roos’ Facebook and Twitter postings to the FBI’s attention in February, according to an affidavit from Special Agent Jeffrey Gray. (Excerpts, below, from Roos’ postings contain explicit language.)
In one Jan. 31 Facebook post cited by the FBI, Roos referred to agents as “pussies” and wrote he would “snipe them with hunting rifles everywhere.” (Despite his threats to kill members of law enforcement, he also complained on Facebook earlier this month about the “liberal media … slamming police.”) In a post in November that was also cited by the FBI, Roos spoke out against accepting refugees and threatened to kill Obama.
“Obama you goat fffing fudgepacker, the refugees are men of fighting age. Black lives matter! Sure we need someone to pick cotton and wash cars. Paris, burn diseased muslim neighborhoods to the ground and start over with human beings. Obama you are on a hit list,” he wrote in a post that appears to have been removed.
Beyond what was mentioned in the affidavit, Roos regularly posted on both Facebook and Twitter about his support for Trump and his hatred for Obama, who he called a “muslim faggot” and other derogatory terms. He indicated he wanted to kill Obama’s family and made other racist and sexist statements about Michelle Obama. He also made negative references to Attorney General Loretta Lynch, singer Beyonce, Fox News anchor Megyn Kelly and reporter Michelle Fields, and said he believed that the late Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia was killed by Obama. He praised Ann Coulter and Stacey Dash, and posted several links to posts on
He regularly posted about his support for Trump, the leading Republican presidential candidate. In one post mentioned in court filings, Roos stated that he believed the establishment “is trying to steal the election” from Trump. “All hail Donald Trump, the savior of America,” he wrote on Christmas Eve. “I’ll bet he was born on Dec 25 just like Jesus.”
When two FBI special agents visited him in March, Roos allegedly acknowledged making the postings on social media, calling the threats a way he “blows off steam.” He said he didn’t intend to harm anyone, but also that he would “punch Obama in the nose” if he had the chance.
After a federal judge signed off on a search warrant, FBI agents searched Roos’ home, where he lives with a roommate. According to the affidavit they found “an AK-47 like firearm,” a rifle and shotgun, hundreds of rounds of ammunition and a .45 caliber Glock hidden under a couch cushion. Four pipe bombs were found in a white bucket next to Roos’ computer workstation. Another weapon was found underneath the floor mat of his truck.” [Source]
I suppose that this is the new normal. These angry White men -led by their alt-right puppet masters,  are afraid, and they are lashing out in any way that they can. trump is their savior, and he is their only hope if America is to ever be like it used to be.  I just hope that others like  John Martin Roos  will not take matters into their own hands and try to force the issue.
Poor things. You really have to feel for them. For a time, it looked like trump was going to run away this thing. He had the big mo and the wind at his back. The press was cheering him on and giving him the benefit of the doubt at every turn because they wanted a “horse race”. But now, thanks to a horrible Nixonian like debate performance, and stories like this, and, this, and this, and this and….well, you get the picture. It’s looking like the trump train might end up like the one that crashed into the station in Hoboken a few days ago.
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