Jung Phil takes hip hop different direction

JUNG PHIL (Photo by Ashley G. Woodson)
JUNG PHIL (Photo by Ashley G. Woodson)

A question and answer with rapper Jung Phil.
Where are you from and where did you grow up?
“I’m originally from South Jersey and was raised in Philadelphia.  I do a lot of moving around. I lived in seven states growing up across the country.  I was raised by a single mother with three kids and it was a hard struggle for her and we couldn’t really get on our feet. When I turned 17 I was on my own and started traveling and doing music.”
Is your music mainstream, militant, pop or gangsta?
“It’s mainstream and more of an Urban Pop. We do a lot of radio, club and mainstream records. We’re not really into doing underground music. Urban Pop is a mixture of hip hop and pop put together. Artist like Big Sean, J. Cole are considered to be Urban Pop and that’s the type of music I’m putting out there. In addition to producing music, I also play the piano.”
Why did you to become a rapper and what is it like to be a male artist today?
“Growing up my mom played music all day. We listened to a lot of old school R&B, Kenny G., Jazz and everything else. I became obsessed with music. When I first heard Master P., I was living in Orlando, Fla., and I thought he was the hardest rapper back then. I also grew up listening to Big L. People don’t really know about him. He is an underground artist that was discovered by Jay Z.  He was supposed to be the protégé of Tupac Shakur. Big L. made me fall in love with hip hop because the way he flowed through the music.”


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