Open letter to President Obama to free Black political prisioners

A. Akbar Muhammad
A. Akbar Muhammad

Nationwide ( — This open letter to you Mr President was inspired by the organization, who wrote an open letter to you in Tuesday’s, September 22, 2016 New York Times making an appeal for you to use your pardon privilege power to pardon Edward Snowden and allow him to come home without charges.
The men and women who engaged in The Black Liberation struggle for freedom, justice and equality for our people, and are suffering from the pain of injustice in America are languishing in prisons across this country. Many have already died and Mr. President if you pardon them most of them because of age and sickness could never be a menace to American society. These Black men and women saw a need to struggle against a system that history tells us was unjust and brutal against the aspirations of millions of Black Americans who are descendants from slaves.
They suffered at the hands of the leaders of this country. Their struggle was born out of oppression. We don’t see them as criminals but men and women who put their life on the line to make a difference in the lives of millions of black people across this country.
They took this course of action as the early Americans did against the British Empire. When we look back at this struggle and reassess some of their convictions you may see in your wisdom that their conviction based on the prevailing circumstances at that time and history may give you a new view of what they were convicted of and for. We would hope that you would use the pardon privilege invested in you as the President of The United States to free these brothers and sisters.
Not only you as the first Black President will be making history, but it will be a part of your legacy that will be long-lasting. I have enclosed some of the names that I hope that you would consider using your power to pardon.
In closing Mr President, I know that you have received many requests and letters to grant a posthumous presidential pardon to The Honorable Marcus Garvey. So, would you please consider adding his name to the enclosed list?

A. Akbar Muhammad

1) Assata Shakur (who is in Cuba to come home and not be charged)
2) Jamil Abdullah Al-Amin (Rap Brown)
3) Dr. Mutulu Shakur
4) Fred “Muhammad” Burton
5) Patrice Lumumba Ford
6) Mumia Abu-Jamal
7) Agona Azania
8) Veronza Bowers Jr.
9) Romaine “Chip” Fitzgerald
10) Joseph “Joe-Joe” Bowen
11) Jeff Fort (Chief Malik)
12) Robert Seth Hayes
13) Kamau Sadiki (Freddie Hilton)
14) Larry Hoover
15 Richard Mafundi Lake
16) Maliki Shakur Latine
17) Ruchell Cinque Magee
18) Reverend Joy Powell
19) Ronald Reed
20) Kojo Bomani Sababu
21) Russell Maroon Shoatz
22) Sundiata Acoli (C. Squire)
23) Kenny Zulu Whitmore
24) Chuck Sims Africa
25) Debbie Sims Africa
26) Delbert Orr Africa
27) Edward Goodman Africa
28) Janet Holloway Africa
29) Janine Phillips Africa
30) Michael Davis Africa
31) Herman Bell
32) Jalil Muntaqim
33) Leonard Peltier
34) Abdul Azeez (Warren Ballentine)
35) Hanif Shabazz Bey (Beaumont Gereau)
36) Malik Smith (Meral Smith)

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