Lessons learned at Softer Side Seminars’ empowerment event

LIRIS CROSSE—Explaining how to step out away from fear.
LIRIS CROSSE—Explaining how to step out away from fear.

Additionally, she warned the audience to watch what one feeds into their spirit, saying,  “If you feed yourself an entertainment diet of ‘Love and Hip Hop’ or debased music, and get caught up in a lot of drama, you are not building your foundation solidly.  It is like letting termites eat away at your purpose and your destiny.”
It’s all about getting back to basics. Crosse says, “Remember when you were a little girl you believed you could do anything? Tap into that energy, tap into how you used to just run and play, and how it felt when you had no cares. You can start today.  You can say, ‘My life changed during the Woman to Woman symposium.’  You can reboot your life now, today. Make a change today, step out of your fears today.”

Another highlight was a special presenter for teens who were in attendance, Felicia Mycyk, a former Pittsburgh Passion quarterback and the regions only African American female football coach. She outlined fear as something one doesn’t know––the unexpected. She said living fearlessly does not mean living recklessly.  Mycyk, also a  marketing strategist and Moon Area School District track coach, cautioned against the YOLO (you only live once) mentality.  She warned young women when faced with the pressures of premature sexual intimacies to stop and think about the decision they are making. “With the YOLO mentality, you may reason to go for it because you may not be here tomorrow, but chances are you will and you may end up pregnant or worse, end up with a disease,” she said. She went on to say that the YOLO thinking is a lie.  “Everything you do in your day-to-day life, glorifies God. Do you want to live for today, for instant gratification or live for tomorrow?”
Mycyk says it was determination that got her on the playing field and kept her going while she evolved into the person she is today.  She said she decided not to be defeated and not to be like everyone else.
“I’m me,” she said, “don’t let fear control you. If you let fear get the best of you, you have not allowed God to work in your life.”
Aldrich said she is honored to touch the lives of women and help them move past their fears to reach their full potential.  Her motivational program, sponsored by Highmark, The Poise Foundation, McAuley Ministries Foundation and Marriott Pittsburgh City Center, is held annually for primarily female audiences.
While the event is 9 years old, Softer Side Seminars is 13. “One thing I have learned over the past nine years is that the message of Softer Side Seminars does not get old and there is always an audience for it,” Aldrich said.
“There are women of all ages, who are ready to re-create how they see themselves.  Our goal at Softer Side Seminars is to help in providing the tools to do this.”
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