Young, Black and Excellent: Simone Quinerly

SIMONE QUINERLY (Photo by Merecedes J. Howze)

Name: Simone Quinerly
Age: 26
Occupation: Chief executive officer and accountant of Quinerly Financial Group
The last day to file taxes is April 18 and CEO Simone Quinerly has taken initiatives to best serve the community in accounting and tax preparation.
Quinerly Financial Group, started in 2015, provides an abundance of tax services for all kinds of people, including small businesses, non-profit organizations and individuals.
To kick off tax season, Quinerly created a pop-up tax shop at the Trevor James Experience, on the North Side, where individuals in a familiar relaxing atmosphere were able get answers for 2016 tax returns.
“Using high-skilled accountants, we ensure that this work it is a smooth and painless transition, so clients are able to focus on their missions, and leave the heavy accounting work to us,” said Quinerly.
Additionally, the financial group provides bookkeeping, cash management, credit readiness, payroll, and financial management. Quinerly offers accounting system design and implementation, tax preparation, IRS Correspondence, local level quarterly fillings and grant readiness for non-profit organizations.


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