Just Sayin’ …AHCA dead? Health care battle continues (Ulish Carter's Column March 29, 2017)


The American Health Care Act pushed by the GOP is dead. Or is it?
Some called it the Ryan Health Care Plan and others called it TrumpCare, but its official name was the American Health Care Act; it was created by Paul Ryan, and recently supported and championed as great for the American people by President Trump. It was first supposed to come up for a vote Thursday, March 23, but was delayed until Friday, March 24, then pulled completely because Ryan didn’t have enough votes in the House to pass it.
This law was supposed to replace the Affordable Care Act pushed through by President Obama. President Trump spent most last week boldly announcing that ACA, or Obamacare, was dead. But both Republicans and Democrats apparently thought this bill was even worse than ACA or not any better, which led them to indicate they were not going to vote for the GOP bill.
Why? Because even though there are many flaws in the ACA that need to be fixed, there are millions of people whose lives have been saved and are living much better than they would if they didn’t have it. The biggest criticism of the ACA is its large deductibles. The deductibles are so high that most people can’t afford to have insurance, but because law requires it, they must find a way to get it or pay a large fine.
The cost of health care was zooming sky high before Obama took office, and millions of people were suffering and dying because they couldn’t afford health care, which dates back 30 to 40 years. That’s what led to Obama making it the number one issue in his campaign.
The masses of people still want and need an affordable health care plan for all, and we all deserve it, but the only way we will get one is to start holding politicians accountable. It must be made absolutely clear to politicians on both sides of the aisle that unless they come up with a livable and affordable plan, they will be voted out of office.
What should be done is that the conservatives come up with a plan, the moderates come up with a plan, and the progressives come up with a plan. Then, these three plans would be introduced to the American people to get their input. Next, a committee would be set up to blend these three plans together. Not a Republican plan, not a Democratic plan, but a true American plan.
Why do I keep harping on health care? Because it is the most important issue we, Americans, especially Blacks, are facing. It’s more important than employment, education, world peace or anything else we can imagine. What good is money, a PhD, a great job or peace, if we are in constant pain, and our loved ones are dying around us or suffering?
We have a chance to make it right and do the right thing now, but if we don’t all continue to do whatever is necessary to get a livable and affordable health plan right now, we won’t get it.
Yes, health care is expensive, but isn’t everything? We must do whatever it takes to make sure everyone has access to affordable health care. I can’t say that enough times. No excuses.
We can fly men to the moon, spend billions to stop terror throughout the world, spend billions on sports franchises, businesses and other less important things…it’s time we make health care our number one priority.
Some say since the GOP can’t get the votes they will just let ACA die. That means just letting millions of people who depend on this service either die or live in pain, or both. Why?
I may be a little slow, but you can’t tell me that President Trump, Ryan, Nancy Pelosi, and the heads of the two parties in the Senate can’t pull together the heads of the national medical groups, American Nurses Association, and other groups and individuals who have spent their lives in the health care field to help the politicians put together workable and affordable ways to save lives. Surely, there must be a way to stop the suffering health care plan. I would think that they would know far more about health care than the politicians.
I’m Just Sayin’.
Reaction from Pennsylvania
Gov. Wolf
Governor Tom Wolf reiterated his strong opposition to the bill in a letter to the Pennsylvania delegation, again, urging them to vote no and stressing that the amendments that remove essential health benefits will have devastating effects on millions of Pennsylvanians.
“It would roll back years of progress that drastically reduced Pennsylvania’s uninsured rate and expanded coverage options for seniors, the disabled and those seeking treatment for a substance use disorder,” the letter read.
Reaction from Pennsylvania
Sen. Casey
Senator Bob Casey’s statement on the American Health Care plan read, “TrumpCare wasn’t pulled down in the House of Representatives for lack of horse-trading among Congressional Republicans, but it failed today because Pennsylvanians and millions of Americans rallied and exposed this scheme for what it was: a massive tax cut for the wealthiest at the expense of middle class families, seniors and individuals with disabilities. It’s time for Congressional Republicans to get serious about health care, end this obsession with repealing the Affordable Care Act and work in a bipartisan way to keep what’s working in health care and fix what isn’t. If Congress comes together, then we can lower the costs of health care for middle class families, make prescription drugs more affordable and keep our promises to seniors and individuals with disabilities.”
(Ulish Carter is the managing editor of the New Pittsburgh Courier.)
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