‘Flying Lessons’ (Terri's Book Review March 29)

Everyone, it seems, has that one favorite uncle who’s a total jokester. In “Choctaw Bigfoot, Midnight in the Mountains,” Uncle Kenneth is doing what he does best: telling a tall tale for the nieces and nephews, with a twist that only Turtle Kid knows.
And what does it feel like when you’re the only one of you around?  In “Main Street,” it’s bittersweet, especially for those you leave behind in order to fit in.
Next time your extended family or neighborhood gathers, give a listen. No doubt, there are a lot of tales being told around the tables; some are funny, some are sad, some were just made up, and some are about you. That’s what you get in “Flying Lessons & Other Stories.”
From 10 different points of view, here are fictional tales of kids growing up with all sorts of issues that reflect a variety of cultures and communities. It’s been done on purpose. Oh is the co-founder of We Need Diverse Books, an organization that strives to offer books filled with characters that look like the kids who’ll read them.
(“Flying Lessons & Other Stories,” edited by Ellen Oh, c.2017, Crown Books for Young Readers,  $16.99 U.S., 227 pages.)
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