Lifestyles Report – Finding love online (March 29, 2017)


Who doesn’t want to have love in their life? If you ask most people, they will tell you that they would like to have a significant other in their world. Lately, I have been looking around online and I am appalled at the pictures that are posted. If you post your picture on an online dating site, I am assuming you are looking to meet someone.
Let me give you an example of what I have been seeing. First, there are a lot of pictures that have been taken in bathrooms. Sometimes you can tell it is a public restroom and they are taking the picture on the fly. I wonder if that is because their girlfriend or wife is somewhere in the club waiting for them. Other bathroom shots are taken in their homes. These are even worse. If you ladies or gents are smart, you will look closely at the background of these photos before you look at the person in the foreground. I used to see this one guy on line who looked like a mental patient. He had on a bathrobe and was in the midst of this messy room, but he had a phone with a camera and was looking for a friend online. I cracked up. Then, there was the guy with oxygen in his nose. Really? One man was lying in a hospital bed. Perhaps he was looking for someone to take care of him. The photos that really crack me up are the ones where there is another woman in the picture. In some instances, you can tell that this other person is a daughter or maybe a granddaughter, but why confuse people by adding another woman in the photo?
In short, gentlemen, if you are really looking to meet someone, put your best foot forward, post a picture where you look your best. Instead of doing a selfie, have someone take the photo for you. If you are going to post more than one picture let the photos tell a story. There was one guy who posted a picture of his motorcycle and his dog. Those were the things that were important to him. If I see a man who has a house full of dogs, I would probably pass. The ones that I always pass on are the posts without a picture at all. Why would anyone pay to be online and not post a picture? Then they tell you if you would like to see a picture to please ask for one. No, I am not going to ask for one. Isn’t that how you become attracted to someone, you see their picture, read their profile, and then you flirt or they flirt with you. If no picture, you just move on.
What really makes me laugh is when I see someone online that I see from time to time, in person. Why do they flirt with me on the site, but seem to be afraid to talk in person? This online dating world is strange, but this is it in 2017.
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