Can’t get a rebound, and stop hating on Tiger Woods! (April 5, 2017)


:10—I have no proof, but I’m pretty sure that never in the history of college basketball has a team missed not one, but two sets of foul shots to ice the game and the opposing team didn’t get either rebound. That is the ultimate…C’MON MAN!!! C’MON Oregon!!
:09—Speaking of ultimate, and clearly I was if you were paying the least bit of attention…Gone but not forgotten is “The Ultimate Force” of Master Jacquet Bazemore. Westinghouse and Pitt graduate, two-tour Vietnam vet, original heavyweight boxing champion, the owner of 10 black belts in 10 different martial arts, inducted into the National Karate Hall of Fame…coach, mentor, teacher, fighter, and one hell of a nice guy. Miss ya champ!
:08—The votes are in by a landslide. I asked in last week’s column which team would be better; Team One, which had Magic Johnson, M.J., LeBron, Tim Duncan, and Kareem…or Team Two, which had Isiah Thomas, Kobe, Scottie Pippen, Hakeem Olajuwon, and Shaq-Daddy. Team One destroyed Team Two by over 100 votes! Sorry, boys and girls, but Team One has the greatest players at each position of all-time. Of course they win, now pay up!
:07—Speaking of Isiah…no, not that one, this Isaiah (now you’re getting the hang of it)… Who gives birth to a baby, names him Isaiah Thomas, and the boy grows up to be a NBA star? I’m just sayin’! (For those of you just coming out of the cave you live in, Isiah Thomas played for the Detroit Pistons and won two NBA titles…Isaiah (with an extra “a”) Thomas plays for the Boston Celtics and is trying to get at least one championship). Some of you people really need to get with it.
:06—Aubrey Bruce, Courier senior sports columnist…GREAT STORY on Ulish Carter, former Courier managing editor who retired this past Friday, March 31. Go to and check out the column, “Inside Conditions.” You nailed it, Aubrey.
:05—You know this “Hate Tiger Woods” thing is still in the air now that golf season is back…by some of the same people that wanted to kiss his ring finger (and a few other things) just a few short years ago. And why? I mean, why are some wishing that he doesn’t make it back or win a Major championship again? It’s not like he cheated with your wife!!! C’mon back, Tiger. Start kicking some of the upper-crust butt and win a few more majors.
:04—In that same way of thinking, why do the haters hate Kobe, M.J., Tom Brady, Terry Bradshaw, Tom Cruise…I don’t get it. Live your life, people. Don’t hate ‘cause you can’t do what they do. You need to spend that hate time improving the quality of your own life.
:03—Oh, by the way, I hate LeBron James. Don’t know why. Have no reason. Just do! Oops…did I say that out loud?
:02—We sure ‘nuff “Tore the Roof off the Sucker” last Friday night at the startup of “Stompin’ at the Savoy.” Eatin’, drinkin’ and dancin’ started at 9 for the over-35 crowd, and we wobble—wobbled and backed it on up until 2 in the morning. The next Friday night jam with Mighty Man the D.J. is April 18, 9 p.m. to 2 a.m. Free parking, valet parking, Dress to Impress (over 35, cash bar, cash kitchen, 50/50 raffle, prizes and surprises) and all the dancin’ you can stand. “Downstairs Stompin’ at the Savoy.” Call 412-292-1753 for special VIP reservations and 412-628-4856 for special group fundraising specials. A B.N.P.B. production.
:01—Mark your calendars and get ready to get ready. The 43rd-annual Willie “Pops” Stargell Pittsburgh MVP awards banquet is Wednesday, May 31 at the fabulous Savoy Restaurant, near Downtown. It will honor Pittsburgh’s most valuable men and women, and the famed Connie Hawkins Summer Basketball League Hall-of-Famers…Hosea Champaine, Shawn Harvey, Joe Barlow, Kevin Price, Coach Ringo Saunders, Kenny Lewis, Corey Gadson, Eric Carter, David Buries, Gary Nelson, Mark Hasell, Vince Lackner and Rico Appendanta.
:00—Women’s college basketball…Mississippi State SHOCKS UConn…FAN..TAS..TIC!!!
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