'Early Sunday Morning' (Terri's Book Review April 12)

Dry mouth. A little shaky in the knees. That funny feeling just below the ribcage. Yep, that’s a case of the nerves alright, but “Early Sunday Morning” shows your child that things have a way of turning out fine.
And that can take time, as this story indicates. The main character, unnamed but based on author Millner’s own childhood, is ready-not-ready to tackle what’s obviously a big honor; through the expressive artistry of Brantley-Newton, young readers can see the character dealing with Mean Kids and wrestling with her fears, and that reticence is easy to identify with no matter what your age.
But wait—that’s not all. Millner also tells a tale of a tight-knit community, a close family, and their collective faith. Of course this book is about a little girl’s solo in choir, but you can’t discount the adults, who quietly support the story.
(“Early Sunday Morning” by Denene Millner, c.2017, Bolden, $17.95, 40 pages)
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